Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Heart Stops Beating When You Think You Unintentionally Hurt Your Baby

I couldn't breath this morning for a good 5 minutes.

I just happen to be awake at 6am, reading emails and i get one from baby center about a recall. Ok so I read it. It's about Mylicon Infant Gas Drops - Dye Free 1 oz and 1/2 oz bottles sold after October 5th. The FDA found Shards of METAL in certain lot numbers! So I start thinking, I bought a bottle of Dye Free accidentally ( I usually buy the colored one ) 1 week before Halloween at Walmart. My eyes got big, I'm reading the lot numbers, and I go in Bobby's room looking all over for this bottle that Damien said was empty a few days ago. So I'm tearing apart his drawers and I wake Damien up, tell him what is going on. So he starts looking with me. He opens the diaper bag and theres the bottle! I grab it, run in here and look at the computer.... Its the lot after mine was made. THANK GOD!
All I could think is OMG, I gave my baby something with metal in it that could make him sick! HOW THE HELL DOES JOHNSON AND JOHNSON DISTRIBUTE A PRODUCT FOR BABIES WITH METAL SHARDS IN IT! That is something expect from a Chinese Brand, Not from Johnson and Johnson. I'm half tempted to boycott all of their products. They put these babies lives in danger! Aren't there certain precautions, and tests they have to do with every batch of things they make? How is it, the recall wasn't made until November 11th. Over a month after distribution. How did they not realize this before hand? There should be stricter regulations put on ANY medications made for over the counter for children and babies. These drops were suppose to help babies, not make them sick. I will not be buying this product again. I'll stick to Gripe water.

Ok I think i'm done with panicing mommy mode for the moment. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Baby's 1st Cold

My poor Bobby is miserable, and I feel like a horrible mother because I gave it to him. He's sleeping alot, hes not eating alot, and he just looks pitiful at times. We're giving him a lil bit of tylenol here and there incase hes got a sore throat. Not sure what else we can do for the lil guy. He just cries for no reason. Breaks my heart.

We've been suctioning his nose too. I was told to get some Kid nose drops, which im gonna try to find at the store today. I hope it works. I just want him to feel better. I'm also afraid hes giving it back to me, i'm feeling a sore throat comming on. :(

I'm just gonna lock him up forever and Put him in a bubble. That sounds like a plan. Keep him safe, at home, with me always away from all the germs that are hovering out in public.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Can You Blame 1 Man for the Downfall of a Nation?

I put this question out there for the world.
Why is it Bush's approval rating is in the 27th percentile right now? Especially when 7 years ago it was at an all time high of 90 percent!

September 11th 2001, That's why.

He broke records! 90% of America, Democrats, Republicans and Independants said "GO KICK SOME TERRORIST ASSES, AND DON'T COME HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE OSAMA AND SADDAM'S HEAD ON A STICK!"

Now all you hear is, why did we even get involved in Iraq, your wasting our money, wah wah wah!

Oh how a massive tragedy slips our minds so soon after. Everyone wanted Justice! We were scared, we were pissed, we felt violated and we demanded retaliation for the actions of those men who crashed 4 of our planes. 2 Into the World Trade Center, 1 Into the Pentagon, and 1 into a field. They managed to kill over 2,700 people that day. Mostly American citizens.
We were outraged! We wanted our revenge! And we looked to George W Bush to Get us that Revenge! So he pushed for it, Congress agreed, and there we go! We invade Iraq. We were thrilled. Kill those Terrorist Bastards! Everyone thought that way. May they Burn In Hell! Everyone thought that way! Kill Saddam and Osama! Everyone thought that way!

Now the Majority of those people say, Woooh woooh wooh wait a minute, quit wasting our tax payers money, bring the troops home. What happened to Justice? Revenge? Retribution? Retaliation? 7 years, and people have already forgotten.

Now its Blame Bush for the War, Blame Bush for the Economy, Blame Bush for our lazy asses who won't take a $11 an hour job because we were part of a greedy union who swore they would protect our jobs making $26 an hour as high school drop outs, and now i'm losing everything, It's all Bush's Fault!

No, This is the American People's fault as a Whole. This is Greedy, Veruca Salt America "I want it Now, and I want it Right Now" Attitude!

Time to take responsibility America. I guess you shouldn't have gotten that $250,000 home loan on a house that was only worth $150,000. I guess you should'nt have bought that big gas guzzling F250 Super Crew that you can barely pay to fill up the tank for, let alone the payment and the insurance on it. I guess you really didn't need to run those credit cards up to the Maximums getting your kids Xbox 360s and Playstation 3's, KNOWING the credit card companys were going to be able to double your interest and payment minimums in January 2007.

I can see why other countrys hate us. Were the spoiled little kid down the street who has everything, the pool, the toys, the video games, who thinks we can bully everyone because We're America!

This country needs a serious Time Out to think about what we've done to ourselves. Don't Blame George W. Bush. You did it your own damn self.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"You've Been Barack Rolled!"

Seriously... I was in tears laughing watching this... This is great. Someone had WAY too much time on their hands... ROFL

Friday, October 31, 2008

Its what everyones saying behind my back...

So i've been told i'm rude, obnoxious and disrespectful.

I'm rude when others are rude to me, obnoxious maybe when I'm drinking and sometimes just for fun, but intending it in a playful way not rudely, but as far as being disrespectful, I respect alot of people, even after disagreeing with them. If you can't joke around, stay away from me.

But I do not give respect to those who imply I'm racist when I vote for McCain and tell me to drive my kia to walmart and give a lead based toy to my baby boy.

Who the hell does he think he is to tell me to give a dangerous toy to MY BABY!

Obviously I'm a bad judge of character, because I thought this guy was a "Friend"

At times I try to tell it like I see it, and some people can't handle that. They'd rather me lie to them and sugar coat and make them feel special. I know how to reserve myself, but I am not going to straight up lie to someone to make them feel warm and cuddly inside.

And I admit at times I'm wrong and say things that I shouldn't. It's called being human. But I try to always appologize if I say something that hurts someone, especially when I wasn't trying to intentionally hurt them.

Its time for him to learn something from his own kid. Respect for others, I think they teach that in preschool.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Today... I Become A Mommy!!!!!!!!!

Wow Everyone, I am less than 12 hours away from my Bobby Being born... I have been wanting a baby since I was 16 years old, and it took me 11 years to accomplish that.... I feel like I just won the lottery! I am so nervous for what's to come,Will he be healthy... will I get sick... will I be a good Mommy.... Wow, Nerves are going nuts over here at my house. Hubby and I are not sure if were even gonna be able to sleep.... We are ready, car seats in car... Bags are packed and in Car... Stroller in car... snacks are packed and in car.... I can't believe this... its all going to be reality.... I have to be at the hospital at 930am.... My Mom, Grandmother, and Inlaws will be at my house at 845 to follow us on our 30 minute journey to Ann Arbor.... This will be the longest 30 minute drive of our lives.... I'm having my precious Angel.... Words can not express how I feel right now.... All I can get out is random thoughts... I will be sending out text messages and pictures ASAP after his birth... Wow... I'm about to be a Mommy everyone. :: Tears :: Thank you to everyone for all of your Support.... I love you all!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tootheache, From Satan Himself...Straight to my Mouth!

I meant to post this Yesterday, So Pretend it was yesterday that you read this lol

OMG, So I was getting ready to go to bed last night, did my normal regiment, take a vicodan, lay down watch Daily Show and Steven Colbert with the hubby on DVR, get ready to fall asleep and out of no where my tooth, which hasn't bothered me since January, GOES NUTS! The pain was awful, so I went brushed my teeth again, flossed, used some mouth wash, still excrutiating pain. So call L&D, they tell me not to come all the way out to their hospital, which is 30 minutes away, go to the closest one, the one 5 blocks away.... HUGE MISTAKE!
They take me into Triage, and she tries to take my blood pressure with the machine 5 times.... ???/?? is what it kept reading so she goes to put the cuff on my lower arm, i tell her, inbetween tears, if you take my blood pressure in my lower are its wrong.... She does it anyways.... 168/118.... My head feels like its gonna explode, they put me in a Trauma room because all other ER beds are full. After an hour and a half of crying, a nurse comes in, asks whats wrong, i tell him about the tooth ache and the fact that i've had a few contractions , 3 to be exact, durring that hour and a half.... he says ok, procedure is once i give you a shot to help your mouth we send you to L&D here to get checked out.... So I'm like ok... This is at 5am... He come back in 15 minutes later, gives me a shot, but completely misses the nerve, i'm still in pain, but it did take some of the edge off... so i'm able to talk again, with out feeling like my heads gonna explode.
He says, ok, i'm discharging you, you'll be going up to L&D in a few... ok no problem... this is at 5:20am.... At 7am My husband finally finds the nurse and says, are you gonna actually discharge her.... They had lost my chart.... no one knew where the other one put it so they couldn't release me until they had the chart.... so they say ok we need you to go to L&D now, I said why, I haven't had a contraction in over 2 hours, they say cuz you wanna get your baby checked out to make sure he's ok... i say, he's moving and kicking me, he's fine.... well if you don't your insurance wont pay for this visit.... fine....
so they finally discharge me.... now they are argueing with each other, where L&D is now in the hospital because they had remodeled it a few months ago and moved it to a different floor.... So you mean you work in this small hospital, and no one even knows what floor the Labor and Delivery department is on..... wow....
So i get upstairs finally about 10 after 7 and i stand there for about 10 minutes cuz i didn't feel like laying down... they were great there, really friendly, super concerned about what they did down in the ER and everything, and even gave me a gift card for my long wait down stairs and the head of L&D asked if she could follow up with me after having the baby, sure no problem...
Fastforward to 2pm this afternoon after sleeping for 3 hours... pain is right back, my dentist wont see me, no other dentist will see me because of the c section being 48 hours away, and i'm feeling like im going to DIE. Got ahold of my Hospital's dental school who says they'll take me as an emergency, get there, after about an hour and a half they numb me... thank God...
Now tomorrow morning at 7am I have to head BACK out there to have the tooth pulled... I just hope I make it through the night....
Moral of the story... if your in pain and you won't take your worst enemy there.... don't go there 9 months pregnant no matter how badly your hurting.... :(
Ok thats my rant... im gonna take a vicodan and try to sleep soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Still Waiting.... And Other Random Thoughts Before Friday....

Looks like my little boy has decided to stay put for now. Thats fine though. I was really overwhelmed last Wednesday thinking he was gonna come that night. The prego hormones plus all the new emotion... wow talk about overwhelming! Of course I'm sure every women feels that way about their first, or even all their births.

So, My house is clean... and when I say clean, I don't mean straightened up, I mean CLEAN and ORGANIZED. I think the last thing that needs to be done is the floor in the kitchen, which I can't be home for. The chemical ( Pine or Lemon ) Makes me sick, massive migraines from those fake scents.

I have a new floor in the hallway, fresh paint where it needed it.... Bobbys room is organized, Toys he'll not even know he owns, down stairs put away until he's old enough to play with them.

I swear, this is the only Kid I know that owns a $100 Transforming Bumble Bee Camaro.... And he isn't even born yet! Who the hell buys a baby a $100 toy that he can't even play with til hes 5! My Inlaws... lol I think it was meant more for my husband then it was for Bobby, but Damien said he is saving it for his boy so he can show him and play with him. So I said ok. And we put it away down stairs.

Christmas Shopping is Done for this kid. I have almost bought this Fisher Price baby basketball hoop set 3 times now.... It is SOOOO cute and its for 6months+ I'm gonna tell my Mom and Grandma about it and I know he'll get it. He won't even know its Christmas, but damn it, me and Daddy will! I'm already more excited about him opening presents from Santa this Christmas, than I can ever remember being excited about any Christmas.

Friday is the Big Day... 4 days 1 hour til my scheduled C Section.... Wow... I can't believe it's this close. When we found out we were Prego as of January 1st, it took forever just to get to January 21st for my first appointment. This....This is flying by! If I blink, I'll be in the hospital laying on a cold operating room bed, meeting my Son for the first time. Then if I blink again, he'll be graduating High School.... Ugh! WTF! The Word Excitement, is completely wasted and a huge understatement when explaining how I feel.

My Inlaws are flying in from Georgia Thursday Morning, me and Damien thought it was Thursday night, we swear it was Thursday night on the email his mom had sent us, but nope, its this Thursday morning. Their renting a Car so I don't have to go pick them up at the airport. Thank God, I hate driving right now and want to do it as limited as I can. So they will be here on Thursday, and I'm super excited because I love my Mother in Law! They'll be staying until Saturday the 6th of September. She wanted to be here so she could do / help me with anything that I need. So I will have a helping hand at my beckon call. That will be nice. They are staying at her Sisters houses through out the week to save on Hotel prices. My MIL is allergic to cats, so de-hairing the house was partly for her as well. Anyways, I can't wait! Cuz that means 1 more day to Bobby when they get here!

I don't even know if I'll be able to sleep Thursday night. Thats ok, we'll have his parents here most of the night, Peggy and Tim will be here right down stairs. Were gonna BBQ and play some games to just keep our minds busy. Of my friends, I think Peggy, Stacie and Kim are the most excited lol.

Well I think thats enough randomness from me today, or atleast for right now. It's still early in the day. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Feeling Kinda Weird....

Hoping i'm about to go into labor. My stomach is staying continuously tight, Bobby is moving around just fine and kicking the hell out of me... and TMI but I'm losing tiny bits of my Mucus Plug... YEAH! That means I'm starting to dialate! YEAH!! Ive been having contractions here and there all day, but the tightness has been since 530. And I woke up at 730 with contractions. But their pretty mild. We'll see though.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

False Alarm :(

So I get checked at the doctor yesterday which sent me into continuous 10 minute apart contractions.... I was 50 effaced but no dialation yet...
That was at 12pm...
By 7 pm, they had not stopped, and were moving closer to each other.... about 8 minutes apart a little more uncomfortable...
9pm, 4 minutes apart, really intense.....
1230am go into the hospital, they actually could see my contractions! ( they thought they couldn't before because of all my scar tissue, but they could see the little line move just enough, plus once again, they could feel them )
She checks me, im at 80% effaced.... So my Cervix had thinned out, and baby was at negative 1 station in my pelvis... great... hes right there, he's just not completely pushing against it yet....
So then its hurry up and wait, monitor monitor monitor, contractions are still 4 - 5 minutes apart....
they tell me, you have 2 choices, walk around the hospital for 2 hours, or go home.... i choose the walking... now mind you, my legs and feet are so swollen i move about an inch with every step, so what felt like an eternity in distance of walking around, was something i could do on a good day in less than 10 minutes....
After 35 minutes of walking around and the contractions getting more intense they start comming ever 2 1/2 minutes and start traveling straight from my stomach to my back... i could barely move between them, they were lasting a minute and a half each, and i was getting maybe 30 seconds of relief between them...
by the time we got back to L&D, one contraction would send me into another one....
they check me... she makes the comment "where did you hide your cervix?" she had short fingers, i have an abnormally high cervix..... and then she says the dreaded words NO FRICKING CHANGE!
I about screamed i was so ticked off... "Go home and take a benadryl and try to get some sleep" 17 1/2 hours of contractions for NOTHING!
These were not braxton hicks, these were alot worse than what i had felt before.... I can deal with pain, I've had 9 stomach surgeries with pain control that didn't work.... these contractions.... holy crap dude....
She couldn't for sure tell if i had changed, she had even said that the first time she checked me, it was hard for her to reach my cervix to tell if I was dialated....
I came home, I cried, I took a Vicodan and I passed out.
I wake up this morning, I feel like ive been hit by a mack truck, like every muscle in my fricking abdomen has been ripped apart.... and no baby to show for it...
Atleast I only have 8 more days til my C Section... I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through all of the pain and emotions I had to last night....
My nerves can't take this again. Cuz now I feel like I shouldn't go in, if I think I'm in labor, cuz I don't wanna deal with the disappointment of not having Bobby when I leave. And I swear to God I was the laughing stock of the nurses/midwifes last night (I don't know that for sure, but I just got this weird vibe from a few of them)
So I'm having a bad day, sorry for the long long blog, just wanted to get it all out... :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Here... We.... Go....

So At 4am I awoke unable to no longer sleep.
The minute I got out of bed, I said, hey, those cupboards still need to be organized.... Done
Then I said, You know, The Pantry is looking awfully Cluttered... Organized..... Done
Then, walking in to my computer, looking around, The office needs to be cleaned..... Done
Now if Damien would only get out of bed so that I can work on the bedroom and Bobby's room.

On a More Pissed off and Sadder Note....

So I found another reason why I hate AOL in the worst way.... This was the Headline of the link I clicked on "Unexplainable, Still Born Baby Revives Hours Later"

I go to the Link thinking, Happy Happy Joy Joy.... WRONG.

Baby Dies a Second Time in Israel
JERUSALEM ((Aug. 19) -- Doctors say a premature baby girl who survived six hours in a hospital morgue refrigerator after being declared stillborn has died despite efforts to save her.
The baby had been delivered in the 23rd week of pregnancy at a weight of just one pound, five ounces and was initially declared dead and placed in the morgue.
When the parents came to collect the tiny body for burial on Monday they found the baby breathing and showing a faint heartbeat and she was rushed to the intensive care unit.
Hospital deputy director Moshe Daniel said the child died early Tuesday. He told Army Radio the specific cause of death would only be known after a post-mortem examination.

Now I'm pretty sure that Israel isn't in the 19th century medically, and I'm sure their doctors are just as good as the ones here, but Jesus H. Christ.... How do you mistake a baby for dead, put it in a refrigerator and then it die because of a hospitals mistake! And how the fuck do you come up with the Title that AOL posted it as to get people to click on the link! Thanks America Offline for Pissing me off this morning....

Back to Nesting.....