Friday, October 31, 2008

Its what everyones saying behind my back...

So i've been told i'm rude, obnoxious and disrespectful.

I'm rude when others are rude to me, obnoxious maybe when I'm drinking and sometimes just for fun, but intending it in a playful way not rudely, but as far as being disrespectful, I respect alot of people, even after disagreeing with them. If you can't joke around, stay away from me.

But I do not give respect to those who imply I'm racist when I vote for McCain and tell me to drive my kia to walmart and give a lead based toy to my baby boy.

Who the hell does he think he is to tell me to give a dangerous toy to MY BABY!

Obviously I'm a bad judge of character, because I thought this guy was a "Friend"

At times I try to tell it like I see it, and some people can't handle that. They'd rather me lie to them and sugar coat and make them feel special. I know how to reserve myself, but I am not going to straight up lie to someone to make them feel warm and cuddly inside.

And I admit at times I'm wrong and say things that I shouldn't. It's called being human. But I try to always appologize if I say something that hurts someone, especially when I wasn't trying to intentionally hurt them.

Its time for him to learn something from his own kid. Respect for others, I think they teach that in preschool.


Kimber said...

Yeah, I got nothing. Some people are just like that and you can't take it personally, but you also don't have to be their friend.

Scooter said...

Wow. That's really enlightened. So, tell me, the dock workers, train engineers, truck drivers, and sales people at the dealership that brought you your Kia, those people are stealing American jobs? From... themselves?

The Wal-Mart workers are stealing jobs from... who, exactly?

Now, suggesting you give him a lead-laced toy? To an infant? Damn. How the hell did he think he was writing a reasonable response?


Mommy Phoenix said...

Yeah tell me about it, it's not like I went down to Little Korea and bought my car from Korean mobsters, or a giant clan of Korean ninjas or something stupid like that.
I bought my car from a black man. OMG I'm racist! AHHH! Thats why I let a black man get a $4,000 commission off of selling me 2 cars!
How dare I Put money in his pocket!

andrealamorand said...

Well that just sucks. Some people are just assholes. Don't waste your time worrying about them.