Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How Can You Blame 1 Man for the Downfall of a Nation?

I put this question out there for the world.
Why is it Bush's approval rating is in the 27th percentile right now? Especially when 7 years ago it was at an all time high of 90 percent!

September 11th 2001, That's why.

He broke records! 90% of America, Democrats, Republicans and Independants said "GO KICK SOME TERRORIST ASSES, AND DON'T COME HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE OSAMA AND SADDAM'S HEAD ON A STICK!"

Now all you hear is, why did we even get involved in Iraq, your wasting our money, wah wah wah!

Oh how a massive tragedy slips our minds so soon after. Everyone wanted Justice! We were scared, we were pissed, we felt violated and we demanded retaliation for the actions of those men who crashed 4 of our planes. 2 Into the World Trade Center, 1 Into the Pentagon, and 1 into a field. They managed to kill over 2,700 people that day. Mostly American citizens.
We were outraged! We wanted our revenge! And we looked to George W Bush to Get us that Revenge! So he pushed for it, Congress agreed, and there we go! We invade Iraq. We were thrilled. Kill those Terrorist Bastards! Everyone thought that way. May they Burn In Hell! Everyone thought that way! Kill Saddam and Osama! Everyone thought that way!

Now the Majority of those people say, Woooh woooh wooh wait a minute, quit wasting our tax payers money, bring the troops home. What happened to Justice? Revenge? Retribution? Retaliation? 7 years, and people have already forgotten.

Now its Blame Bush for the War, Blame Bush for the Economy, Blame Bush for our lazy asses who won't take a $11 an hour job because we were part of a greedy union who swore they would protect our jobs making $26 an hour as high school drop outs, and now i'm losing everything, It's all Bush's Fault!

No, This is the American People's fault as a Whole. This is Greedy, Veruca Salt America "I want it Now, and I want it Right Now" Attitude!

Time to take responsibility America. I guess you shouldn't have gotten that $250,000 home loan on a house that was only worth $150,000. I guess you should'nt have bought that big gas guzzling F250 Super Crew that you can barely pay to fill up the tank for, let alone the payment and the insurance on it. I guess you really didn't need to run those credit cards up to the Maximums getting your kids Xbox 360s and Playstation 3's, KNOWING the credit card companys were going to be able to double your interest and payment minimums in January 2007.

I can see why other countrys hate us. Were the spoiled little kid down the street who has everything, the pool, the toys, the video games, who thinks we can bully everyone because We're America!

This country needs a serious Time Out to think about what we've done to ourselves. Don't Blame George W. Bush. You did it your own damn self.

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gnmiranda said...

Very well said! You worded it perfectly girl!